Monday, April 12, 2010

Hearty soup of potato and smoked cheese

If there is one thing that is the basis of estonian cuisine, then that must be potato. Our families eat it almost every day, either baked, boiled, mashed, roasted, fried or in salads. Also, estonians are good in smoking food. A beautiful snack of ours, is smoked cheese with it´s strong taste and smoky aroma. In this soup, potato and smoked cheese work together. The idea comes from a great little farm restaurant in Southern Estonia, Tammuri Talurestoran. You need:

600 gr of potatoes
200 gr of smoked cheese
1 tbs of butter
50 ml of heated milk and 150 ml of cream (around 20 % of fat)
Salt and pepper
Smoked ham or bacon

Boil the potatoes until they are soft, smash them to puré. The soup will turn out especially silky, if you push the potatoes through a thin sieve. Use a blender to mix together the smoked cheese and cream-milk mixture. Heat up the cheese mixture, add butter and mashed potatoes. If the soup seems too thick, add a bit more of milk and mix well. Season with salt and pepper. Grill quickly under high heat some strips of smokes ham or bacon until crispy. Serve the soup garnished with fresh dill and grilled ham on top.

Kartuli-suitsujuustusupp Tammuri Talu moodi

600 gr kartuleid
200 gr suitsujuustu
1 spl võid
50 ml soojendatud piima ja 150 ml vahukoort
veidi suitsusinki

Keeda kartul pehmeks ja tambi püreeks (eriti ilusa supi saab, kui kartulid läbi sõela ajada). Purusta saumikseriga juust ja vahukoore-piima segu. Aja juustusegu potis kuumaks, lisa või ja kartulipüree. Kui supp on liiga paks, vedelda piimaga. Maitsetsa soola ja musta pipraga. Grilli suitsusingi või peekoni ribad grilli all krõbedaks. Pane serveerimisel supile värsket tilli ja grillitud suitsusingiribad.

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