Monday, April 12, 2010

The good old Spotted dog

Here comes a really really traditional estonian dessert. When I was a child, this was one of the most common (and waited) treats on birthday tables. It is easy to make and easy to change according to your own preferences.

The last time I made this, was actually in Thailand. My 4-year old daughter went to kindergarden there and every child had to bring a dish from her home country for the Christmas party. It doesn´t need baking and you can get all the ingrediences probably everywhere in the world. You need:
600 gr of cookies of your own choice
250 gr unsalted butter
50 gr of dark chocolate (over 70 %)
A bit of chopped sour marmalade
A bit of chopped marshmellows
A bit of chopped nuts, dried fruits, raisins, meringue, halvah if you like
3 tbs of cacao powder
A bit of milk, if needed

Smash the cookies. Melt the butter, mix in the cookies and all the chopped ingridiences. If the mixture is too dry to shape, add a little bit of milk. Mix well. Roll a long and round roll, cover with plastic and let it stay in the fridge for at least 4 hours. Then remove plastic and cut quickly to about 5 mm thick slices. Keep in fridge until served. Goes well with fresh coffee ot tea.

PS! Inspiration for this recipe came from a beautiful estonian foodblog Pisike ja pisut segi

Vana hea kirju koer

Vaja läheb:
600 g küpsiseid
250 g võid
50 g tumedat šokolaadi (ca 70%)
peoga haput marmelaadi, tükelda
peoga vahukomme, tükelda
soovi korral mandleid, pähkleid, kuivatatud puuvilju, rosinaid, halvaad, beseetükke, vms.
3 sl kakaod
vajadusel tilgake piima

Purusta küpsised. Sulata või, sega küpsisepuru ja muude lisanditega. Kui segu on liiga kuiv ja voolimatu, siis lisa tilgake piima. Rulli toidukile sees pikaks ümmarguseks vorstiks. Lase külmkapis seista vähemalt 4 h, et Koer piisavalt tihke tuleks ja teda lõigata saaks!

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