Monday, June 14, 2010

Strawberry-semolina mousse with cold milk

Semolina mousse is an estonian dessert, that can be made with whatever you find in your cupboard or cellar - juice, jam, compote, fresh berries... So, it´s not exactly seasonal. But when you use the first strawberries of the summer, it suddenly becomes something else, it tastes so special. And you can feel the real unprocessed taste of the berries, when you eat the mild mousse. Perfect for a sunny summer day, especially if eaten with some cold fresh milk.

You need:
enough fresh strawberries to make about 300-400 ml when pureed
100-200 ml sugar (according to your taste)
about 500 ml water, to make 1 l when you add the pureed berries and sugar
1,5 dl semolina
fresh cold milk and a few extra strawberries for serving

Puree the strawberries, mix in the sugar and taste, if it´s sweet enough. Add water and mix through. Bring the mixture to boil, add quickly semolina, stirring continuously. Simmer in low heat for about 15 minutes until the mousse is porridge-like (not too thick). Remove from heat and let it cool down for a couple of minutes. Then use a mixer to whip it until the porridge turns to a beautiful mousse. Serve with some more berries and cold milk!

Mannavaht värsketest maasikatest

piisavalt maasikaid, et saada neist peale purustamist umbes 300-400 ml püreed

ca 100-200 ml suhkrut

ca 500 ml vett (kokku, koos püreestatud marjade ja suhkruga, peaks tulema umbes 1 l vedelikku)

150 ml mannat

serveerimiseks värsket külma piima ja mõned maasikad

Püreeri saumikseriga maasikad. Lisa suhkur ning maitse, kas toormoos on piisavalt magus. Lisa vesi, sega läbi ja lase keema tõusta. Lisa kiiresti manna, ise pidevalt segades. Keeda madalal kuumusel umbes 15 minutit, kuni manna paisub millekski pudrulaadseks. Tõsta tulelt ja lase mõned minutid jahtuda. Kasuta mikserit, et muuta puder ilusaks vahuks. Serveeri külma piima ja värskete maasikatega!


  1. I would have never thought to make semolina with fresh strawberries. What a brilliant idea! And with the fresh milk i'm sure it makes a fantastic dessert. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  2. Zen Chef,I´m so glad that I was able to give you some inspiration. And you´re right, it does taste great with strawberries and fresh milk!