Sunday, July 4, 2010

Estonian milk soup with fresh veggies

I bet this soup brings back many childhood memories to all estonians. Both, good and bad. Some people, like me, just love it! Some people hate it as it was often served in school canteens during the Soviet times and was usually not made with the freshest ingrediences of the market. But this is a soup where the freshest of the fresh is a must. If all you got is frozen veggies of an unknown origin, then skip it. But when the little new potatoes, thin crunchy carrots and tiny green peas have just arrived, then I strongly recommend to cook this summer soup, that is really easy to make!

You need:
about 0,5 litres of water
6-7 little potatoes
100 gr fresh peas
4-5 little carrots (mine are beautifully dark red this year)
0,7 litres of milk
1 tbs butter
salt for seasoning
fresh dill to serve

Wash the vegetables. Cut the potatoes to quarters and carrots to about 1,5 cm pieces. Boil in salted water until cooked. Pour in milk and butter. Bring to boil. Serve with fresh dill.

umbes 0,5 l vett
6-7 väikest värsket kartulit
100 gr herneid
4-5 pisikest porgandit
0,7 l piima
1 spl võid
soola maitsestamiseks
värsket tilli serveerimiseks
Puhasta köögivili ja lõika parajateks tükkideks. Keeda soolaga maitsestatud vees pehmeks. Lisa piim ja või. Aja keema, tõsta tulelt. Serveeri värske tilliga.


  1. Oh, milline lapsepõlvesupp! Ma pole seda enam AASTAID söönud ja ise ma pole seda vist eluilmaski teinud. Aitäh, et meelde tuletasid :)

    Ikka tervitades,

  2. Tõesti tõeline lapsepõlvesupp! :) Tore et sain meelde tuletada

  3. what a perfect fresh and full of flavor! I got some carrots just like those at my market last week...the wonders of nature! thanks so much for sharing those beautiful pictures too!

  4. Chef Dennis, thank you. Did you make this soup already? And those red carrots really do look amazing! :)