Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rhubarb ice cream with a ginger touch

I have lost counting just how many different tings I´ve done with my dear rhubarbs this spring - soufflé, tarts, cakes, muffins etc. But as the last two weeks have been as warm as our best summer here in Estonia, then I had to make something cooling to have next to your sunchair during these hot days. So, I decided to take another couple of rhubarb stalks from my garden and put them into a nice and creamy ice cream. And I added some ginger for that little extra touch. This recipe is perfect, if you don´t have the ice cream machine yet as I don´t. All you need is whipping cream, condensated milk and a freezer.
400 ml whipping cream
1 can of condensed milk (400 g)
4-8 rhubarb stalks (depends on size)
5 tbs of sugar
2 ts of grated ginger
a bit of vanilla seeds or vanilla extract with seeds

Peel the rhubarbs and cut to pieces. Put them on a baking pan, add sugar and grated ginger. Bake in an oven with 180 C until the rhubarbs are completely soft. Remove from oven and brake them with fork to make a puree.
Whip the cream and add one can of condensed milk (on room temperature). Mix through and add half of the rhubarb puree. Stir until smooth. Keep in freezer for about half an hour, until the ise cream is a bit frozen, but still creamy enough to be able to stir. Stir through and add the rest of the puree. Gently fold for a couple of times with a spoon to make beautiful swirls. Freeze completely!

Rabarberijäätis sutsu ingveriga
Retsepti leiad siit!


  1. This is a very inventive recipe! I am loving the condensed milk idea! They must taste amazing!

  2. I keep seeing rhubarb everywhere, but I think this is my recipe to try it out. Awesome job, it looks so great!

  3. Thessadiadem, yes it is amazing how easily this creamy hand made ice cream can me made this way!
    Debbie, good idea. Do try it and let me know, how you liked the ice cream!